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Our firm provides advisory services to merchants, banks and payment providers worldwide looking to obtain the right payment solutions to meet their business requirements.

Our services include comprehensive offerings for both Domestic and International options encompassing the most popular consumer payment methods available today.

These options include:

  • ISV & Software Vendors
  • Direct Merchant Accounts
  • PSP Solutions
  • eWallets
  • Gaming Industry
  • E-Sports
  • Start Ups
  • Securities & Investment Processing
  • Alternative Payment ( ACH, SEPA, Crypto etc)
  • SOC2 Compliance
  • Referrals to specialized Attorneys and CPAs
  • Domestic and International Processing 
  • Multi-Currency
  • Direct Debit
  • Crypto to Fiat Solutions

We work with:

  • Low-risk to high-risk and high volume merchants in a variety of industries.
  • Start Ups and hard to place merchant account that need our experience to get your account approved.

We provide consulting services to help companies get setup as an ISO or PayFac.

About Us

Our members have been in the business for over 20 years and have been attending payment industry conferences, merchant trade shows in the U.S.A. and internationally for years.

We have been quest speakers at many trade shows and can supply expert witness testimony in legal situations.

We are also members of various advisory boards and we have calls with many companies wo are investing in the payment industry, either as a private investor or stock or fund investors.

We can help you get a merchant account , start an ISO, or start a PayFac. Starting a PayFac is a way to monetize your software and turn your company from a software company into a FinTech company and your valuation will be 10 – 50x more!

We bring to the table direct relationships and resources that are very high level.

We bring your firm a level of experience and we have contacts at bank and processors all over the United States and Internationally as well.

We can provide you with knowledge, research and first-hand experience in the industry. Instead of calling 100 companies engae with The Payment Advisory Board for your next project. We do all the pre-underwriting and when we have you fill out an application it is because we have a solid deal ready for you!

Interchange Analysis

We provide a service that will check your statements for:

  • Errors
  • Inflated fees
  • Padding
  • Interchange SIC Code
  • Compliance
  • PCI Compliance
  • Level 2 & 3 Optimization
  • Gateway
  • Point of Sale Selection
  • Fraud
  • Fraud controls
  • Fraud products
  • Chargeback issues
  • AND MORE!!!

Our members have been in the business for over 20 years and have been attending payment industry conferences, merchant trade shows in the U.S.A. and internationally for years.

Billing errors occur all the time and can cost a merchant thousands of dollars every year.
We perform a detailed statement analysis so you can add money to your bottom line.

We charge a onetime fee for this service and that depends on the scope of the analysis. We also offer a monthly or quarterly check up and for each statement you will receive back a detailed report that we will go over with you.

How does it work, fill out our form, let us know the scope of the project, upload a statement and we will let you know the cost and if you want to move forward we will send you an invoice – our services start at $199.00

You will get a 30 minute consultation once we do our analysis and you will be educated on your billing and other

Get A Free Consultation

Allen Kopelman is the co-founder and CEO of Nationwide Payment Systems and has over 20 years of experience in the payment processing industry. Before starting Nationwide Payment Systems in 2001, Allen had a career in the hospitality industry in Atlanta as a Chef, after graduating from Georgia State University Chef’s Apprentice and Hospitality Management Program in 1986 as the Apprentice of the Year.

Since 2001 Nationwide Payment Systems has transformed from a company that sold terminals and basic software to a full-blown FinTech company offering a variety of software and services. We help any size business navigate the world of payments, from Startups to fortune 500 companies with a full range of offerings and access to multiple settlement banks and processors give NPS the flexibility to help just about any merchant.

Allen is also involved with a few local non-profits and as a company, we are involved in the local community and help local non-profits, NPS also developed NPSCharity to help charities raise money and provide non-profits with a 30-minute free strategy session to go over how to use the software and how to identify and how to market to donors.

Allen is always ready to tackle a new opportunity and use his expertise to help business owners.


Allen Kopelman

Allen Kopelman

CEO Nationwide Payment Systems - Host of B2B Vault

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Payment Industry News For Business Owners

Educational information for business owners about merchant services and the tech surrounding them. Allen brings 20 years of merchant services industry experience. He shares insights, knowledge, and important updates regarding payment processing and FinTech.


What types of Investments do we work with?

  • REG A
  • REG D
  • Rule 144A
  • REIT’s
  • SPAC’s
  • Pre IPO’s

What types of companies do we work with?

  • Merchant Direct Accounts – end users
  • Investment companies
  • Qualified Investor Companies
  • Platforms
  • Referral Partners
  • Crowd Funding for Companies and Products

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